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weekly series "the contenders." live from his home in indiana, friday at 8:00 p.m. eastern. it a preview about him on the special website for the series, c-span.org/thecontenders. >> you should always start with an assumption if a politician or a ceo is saying something, they are not telling you the truth. they may be telling you the truth but the burden should be on them to prove it. >> he was an eagle scout, was briefly and editor of "mother jones" and created one of the three best-selling documentaries of all time, and his latest memoir is "here comes trouble." on "in-depth" you can call or tweet michael moore. then on october 3, the supreme court will start hearing oral arguments on whether states can be sued for failing to pay the required rate set by the medicaid act. on friday hear a similar case from 1990 arguing states cannot be sued by private parties to enforce medicaid compliance. arguing for the united states, supporting virginia governor wilder, the justice john roberts -- >> returning to the language of the statute. that language specified the state medicaid plan must prov
on c-span. i was just asking a question. host: all right in indiana on our republican line, what do you think about the effectiveness of the presidential primary system? caller: well, i don't think it's effective since it's so spread out. to piggyback on a previous caller, the way that they vorkts instant runoff voting is a good way but the best way is range voting. it maximizes voter satisfaction. host: what's range voting? caller: it's a system of voting where you give a score to the candidates and then they average those and the ones with the highest average actually become that particular candidate. works in primaries and multiseat elections. host: all right. thanks, edgar. too much money wasted on primaries? we need move to regional primaries. january the, the east, march, the west. change vote day to saturday. "washington post" newt beginning bridge bolsters his plan. persistence has its reward. his presidential as operations has defied as operations, crept up in the polls and become a draw on the campaign trail. his tenacity has also bolstered his republican parties' idea brand w
, and the rest of them. host: we will leave it there. ron paul coming up again on twitter this morning. indiana. tom, good morning de caller: good morning. host: what do you think about the field? caller: i like herman cain. because i watched him on tv last week and he mentioned something i don't think a lot of people know -- the government is raiding social security to pay for a lot of other programs. and if they stayed out of that, social security would never go broke. and i would like to see a republican -- herman cain, ron paul, are anybody say, let's get out of the wars within one month or two months and stop wasting our money over there because it is not appreciated. i don't like ron paul's -- watching the debate, the last one, where he says get rid of minimum-wage. it would not create more jobs for poor people. what does he want them working for? $2 an hour? is that how we are going to compete with china? another thing, i don't see anybody in my party going after china on how they are cheating us all the time. they are stealing everything. host: mr. cain getting a lot of activity on twit
. indiana, kevin on our line for independents. go ahead. caller: my name is kevin and i'm 17 years old. and i'm not really educated as much as other people are on the programming. but one thing i do know, that the constitution it was ratified in 1789 to provide a framework for the governing nation composed of 13 separate sovereign states. and now there's over 50 states and so many laws have changed that it's just, i think it's so easy to mask things. like with oil, anything. you can mask it with paperwork. host: even as a 17-year-old there in indiana talk to us about how the significance of the constitution in your daily life. caller: well, i like the second amendment, because i like to hunt and i do believe in the right to bear arms. and another thing is that i'm an independent contractor so i pretty much, i want to be my own business owner and i love the fact that i can do that in the united states. that's honestly, i love the freedoms that we have here. i just think that a lot of the things in the constitution are masked. i don't know. host: thanks for your call. in this morning's n
in this morning. from lagrange, indiana. tim on the independent line. what did you think of the proposal? caller: actually, he had a lot of good points. listening to everybody this morning, it kind of points out the problem. either to the left or to the right. we need to come together. there is a place, a role for the federal government. we are the united states. it was proposals from the federal government that built the great bands like the hoover dam under eisenhower, a republican -- the great dams. the federal highway system, we pay for that with a small tax on gas. there is a place. we need to put teachers back to work. everybody knows that states cannot independently print money. it has to come from the federal government. that is what makes us the united states of america. everything that is going on -- i had a son who works in construction, building houses. he is unemployed. i had a daughter who is disabled, with down syndrome, so medicare and social security affects me. my parents are retired. all of this affects me. we have to come together as a country and do something. the private se
by john lynch. we have a few more hurdles to jump and we think indiana maybe a 23rd right-to-work law. other states are beginning to talk about it as well. host: this is what the afl-cio has to say about right-to-work laws. guest: we have been blamed for a lot of things. constant halitosis. the bottom line is this. if forcing workers is the solution, i guess i should give up my day job and go to work for them. host: are the numbers right? guest: no, they are not. there was a study. they adjusted wages for cost of living. they applied and apples to apples comparison. they found workers in right-to- work states make more than their compatriots in other states when you adjust for cost of living. a plumber in new york city makes more than one in utah. when you adjust for cost of living they do almost $5,000 a year better in disposable income. host: why is that? guest: the scope of government is smaller. job growth is up. the cost of living -- renting an apartment is different. when you factor those in, workers in right-to-work laws are better off. host: fewer people with health care is w
in indiana and michigan. how did he do? "guest: third place, 14%. this is a solid showing for romney, considering, and the have to -- he has to be happy that rick perry did not a hit a homerun. he and rick barry are leading in the polls. the romney support comes from the jacksonville area. he is certainly still in the game here. host: thank you so much for being with us. our question this morning is about the small donor impact on presidential campaigns. let's look at the other political news right now. this is from "the washington post." westchester, new york on our independent line, good morning. caller: good morning. host: welcome. caller: a want to say that i did not vote for obama because i was not a citizen. this time around i am. i would also make a contribution to him. host: why would you make a contribution? how much are we talking about? caller: it does not matter how small it is because so many millions of people who can donate -- host: see it heading up. tom, republican, in geneva, wisconsin, good morning. caller: how come you are taking three and four liberal colors in a
, but there is no doubt that they are under some strain. on ourin indiana, tom hunnicut teachers line. caller: i was a teacher for 37 years host:. please go ahead for -- for 37 years. host: please go ahead with your question. caller: i was a teacher for several years and we always got these government grant, but by the time the governor got a hold of them, they paid off stay dead. there's a lot of bureaucracy -- state debt. there's a lot of bureaucracy involved. i had a clause from budget that i had to run -- a classroom budget that i have to run. i have to run it on $170, which was cut down to $90 when i retired. by many times had to run to wal- mart to buy 10 cent tablets. our paper for copy machines was russian art by the administrators. these are the guys -- rationed out to us by the administrators. these are the guys that he got that money. -- eat up that money. it is ridiculous. i see these guys up there noon lunch time. the money is definitely being wasted. guest: that is a pretty common observation and complaint. some of the critics of these policies, of these large stimulus or job creat
in indiana. caller: good morning. it is not a matter of doubt whether she should run or not run. she is not going to run. the moment she declares, the financial gravy train is out. host: sarah palin talks about her plan, but does not announce in iowa. you can join the conversation by giving us a call. giving us a call. from the front page of "the new york times" -- they talk about the three debates in the next three weeks. rick perry is privately being coached to come across as more presidential. deliberate and defending his texas record. rob is joining us on the republican line. caller: good morning. i think sarah palin should run it. she has actually run a government, a business. she has done something other than being a political organizer. i think she would be a good candidate. i know she has a following. she has a huge crowds. i think she should run and make the race interesting. host: from the baltimore sun -- about 2000 people attending the event. we covered it live on c-span. it is available on our website. should gov. palin run or not? caller: i do not see why she should not
the group in light of comments made by representatives andre carson, democrat of indiana, the caucus whip, who said at a town hall that mean tea party-affiliated members of congress are see -- see african-american as second-class citizens and would be happy to see blacks hanging from a tree. when you start using words such as lynching that's a reprehensible word, west said on "fox & friends." and giffords recovers. the idea of challenging arizona representative gabery elgiffords for her congressional seat was once unthinkable but a few potential candidates are starting to test the political climate. too soon? yes, says arizona political analyst michael o'neil. host: that's in "the washington times" this morning. and as is this article. "9/11 donations overseer of aid." host: last call on government stimulus spending, denver, democrat, hi. caller: good morning, peter. am i on? host: you are. caller: first of all, i want to say i am very much in favor of the stimulus. i am in my 80's and i lived through the great depression which this recession can't compare in the least to the devastation
on in the world. host: going to danville, indiana next. caller: so many things to talk about that this defense budget -- i was a veteran of 22 years of the navy. i went through cuts during all those times. the military is doing much more with much less. there should be no cuts to defense. when you cut your defense, you're cutting the security of this fine country. as far as the people who blamed bush about going into a rack, the entire congress agreed to go over there yet i remember right and do what we did over there, and what you do not hear from the media is the tons of uranium found at the end of that war and the convoy of things that were going into syria prior to our attack into iraq. i think people need to step up before blaming george bush. it is not just him. a lot of things are going on, ok? you do not go out and tell your enemy what date you are leaving. last night, with this hpv maxine, ovarian cancer is a very dangerous thing. if you had an opt-out to not allow that to your child, that is ok. what about the abortions that children are getting through their schools, where the paren
a student. host: from kokomo, indiana. bob on the republican line. caller: i am 41-years-old, and my mom was surprised to find out a couple of months ago that i pretty much at all levels in school. she asked why she never knew about it. i said i threw down. i took it back to them and did not allow it. i am just trying to figure out where we went wrong. why did this become such a big issue? the calller from new jersey, i do not know what is going on, she must be sending her sson to school wearing a dress or something. when did this become such an issue? why do we have three different call-in lines. republicans, democrats, and independence? guest: in terms of what we want to recommend that kids do? i think you bring up the issue that many kids do recommend to their kids to fight back or bully back or hit back. sadly, that is not effective strategy. it can increase the risk of harm or both parties when the victim of grasses back in that way. we get into trouble as well it can get suspended -- they can get into trouble as well or get injured. we do not recommend that kids fight back in that
in indiana. that is my comment. the percentage of payroll compared to gdp. host: a tweete -- a democrat from california. you are on the air. caller: are you listening? host: we are listening. caller: listen, i believe the stimulus is wrong and the reason why i believe it is wrong is because if we put it this stimulus into the people of the united states, we will spend all the money buying stuff from china and indonesia and places like that and all of the money will leave. i agree with your first caller today who said that ross perot was right. we ought to ban these trade agreements and concentrate on putting factories in this country. you could put a factory out in the middle of the desert and you will have small businesses grow up around it. we could put a toy factory anywhere and you would have small business grow all around it and it will stimulate the economy. but just putting it into building stuff -- or, building up the road and the bridges, all that money is going to go -- i mean, you are going to put people to work for awhile but they will buy things off of china and all the money le
wisconsin, ohio, indiana. this legislation represents yet another front in the majority's ideological assault against workers' rights across the country. i represent a community with a right to organize was hard won, at the dress shop where my mother sewed collars for pennies, at the gun factories, the aerospace industry, the government offices, and the great universities of my state. the families of my district know from hard-won experience that labor unions fight for employee rights, higher standards, greater equality, security in work and retirement. they help ensure that workplaces and politics are driven by the dreams and the aspirations of working people, not by corporate power and the narrow agenda of the elites. unions were instrumental in forming the broad based middle class in this country, and thanks to decades of systematic efforts to guide their rights, as well as misguided trickle-down policy that never do trickle down. union membership has fallen in our country. middle class workers have been squeezed. their wages have stagnated, their benefits cut, their job security w
from washington, indiana. caller: good morning. mr. kucinich, i wish i lived in a district where i could vote for you. i agree with almost everything you stand for and what you do. guest: thank you. caller: i will tell you, the fact that we don't have the pipeline for natural gas along our interstate systems, it burns me up. we and the united states has no energy policy. i do not know what we have been doing since the first arab embargo back in the 1970's. i sat in line for hours and we're still doing that. it is like nobody is home. i wish you had more ability to do things and get things straightened out. host: what can you do? guest: we need an american energy policy and we need to invest in the transition and our economy away from resources that would ruin the environment. decorates a cost on individuals in terms of their own personal health. the air that we breathe it gets polluted by certain energy sources. we need a new manufacturing policy. we need a new trade policy where we cancel -- we cancel all of our trade agreements. they are contingent on workers' rights, on cuban ri
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